Ricardo CostaProduction Manager

    Marine biologist, Universidade do Algarve
    2004 | Faro, Portugal

    Viveiros da Espargueira Lda
    2018 – Presente | Mexilhoeira, Portugal
    Production manager

    SEA8 – Aquacria SA
    2013 – 2016 | Aveiro, Portugal
    Site manager – Sole ongrowing

    SEA8 – Aquacria SA
    2012 – 2013 | Porto, Portugal
    Sole Pre-ongrowing manager

    2012 | São Paulo, Brasil
    Site and sales Manager

    Aqualvor, Actividades de Aquacultores, Lda
    2006-21012 | Mexilhoeira, Portugal
    Sea Bass and Sea Bream ongrowing

    TIMAR, Culturas em água LDA
    2005-2006 | Tavira, Portugal
    Aquaculture Technician



    Aqualvor, Activities in Aquacultura Lda:
    • Studies for the production of sole in open circuit.
    • Adaptation of sole to water recirculation systems.
    • Adaptation of sargo in polyculture in seabrean and seabass.
    • Development of pre-fattening and fattening of croaker .
    • Study of the hydraulic dynamics of the cultivation tanks,
    to reduce energy and oxygen consumption.

    • Hormonal stimulation for reproductive purposes, from native fish.

    SEA8 :
    • Replacement of microalgae production with commercial concentrates.
    • Use of copepods as an alternative in the trophic chain of sole larvae.
    • Adaptation and optimization of larval sole production protocols.
    • Study of the microbiological community in biofilters.
    • Reformulation / adaptation of water recirculation systems for fattening sole.
    • Elaboration of protocols for the introduction of essential oils and other natural products in the sole diet.
    • Optimization of the sole feeding process: schedules.
    • Optimization of the use of ozone in recirculation systems.